Meet Shell & Dale

I met with Shell and Dale at the Holiday Inn in Barnsley for their Pre-Wedding shoot.

I’d met Shell a couple of times before as she manages the opticians I go to (yes I am a one-eyed Photographer….ish) and can only describe her as a “No Faff” lady. She see something she wants, she gets it, no messing about. She is very decisive and to the point about what she wants – I absolutely LOVE her attitude, reminds me of me. πŸ˜‰

This was the first time I’d met Dale, although I couldn’t always remember his real name, I could only remember his name as being “Carrot” as whenever Shell talked about him she referred to him as “Carrot” (in an affectionate way of course). He was lovely and told me he answered to most names πŸ˜‰

I expected Dale to be quite shy from his description, this was not the case at all, he really worked his poses and seemed to enjoy it….a LOT! hehe

As for Shell, well, she was WELL into posing, she totally worked her catalogue pose and practically abused the poor columns. πŸ˜‰

We had an absolute ball!

Shell & Dale are totally my kind of couple, relaxed, down to earth and always up for a laugh, I cannot wait for their wedding!

Ok so now we get to the outtakes – Just could not resist!

Told you they were working it……;)


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I am a female UK Photographer based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. My speciality is People Photography, but that's not where it ends... I started taking photo's a long time ago when I was very young and my mother gave me her vintage Kodak Brownie which she was given when she was 16! (about 50 years ago) ... I've been taking photos ever since! As soon as I decided I wanted to make a career out of photography, I bought my first DSLR camera in 2008, and then I started studying for my diploma in photography. After that I did lots of "free" work before launching my business fully on the 6th January 2011....and that’s where the fun began! I am a perfectionist, quite feisty, brutally honest but fun ;) I have two crazy dogs called Izzy & Ozzy (part Chihuahua, part Jack Russell) and when they aren't at the vets they make for great models ;) In my spare time (when I have some) you may find me down at the gym....(cough)....where they have a lovely massage program and a great manicurist! hehe ;) I hope you enjoy the blog; meanwhile if you would like to contact me, here are my details: β€’ T – 07947 511 377 β€’ E – β€’ W – Anything else you want to know - just ask!
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