Meet Christina & Leon

I met up with Christina & Leon at Drax in Goole for their Pre-Wedding shoot. It’s a good chance for me to get to know a couple and for them to get to know me and see what works and what doesn’t in the lead up to the big day.

We had a good walk all around Drax and had a chat about the wedding whilst I was snapping away. It turns out that instead of having a traditional wedding cake, they are having TEN cheesecakes! Starting with a MAHOOSIVE 16 inch base on a tree-like stand with all the other cheesecakes in all different flavours!

Not to mention the chocolate fountain and table FULL of candy….and all this on bonfire night…this is my kind of wedding 😉

I will be trying to refrain from loitering around the cheesecake table on the big day, I will update you on if I manage to achieve this and not dive in 😉

Here is a small taster of the shoot:-

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Danny & Sally’s Wedding

Danny & Sally are my kind of couple, very relaxed, down to earth with a wicked sense of humour.

By the time it got to their wedding day, I felt like I knew them as friends more than clients.

Danny & Sally’s Wedding was a fabulous day.

As they said their vows at Wentworth Church, you couldn’t help but smile, they kept giving each other cheeky looks and grinning like you would in school at an assembly.

It was a lovely service which was sealed with not only a kiss but a big snog! LOVE it!!

We even managed to escape everyone for a short time to dive into a nearby rapeseed oil field before heading to Hickleton Golf Club which made for some great shots!

Big thanks to Danny & Sally for letting me be a part of their big day 🙂

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MS Sufferer To Jump With Red Devils!

Meet Jenn Lacey, she is 27 and from Barnsley. Jenn suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS), and in 2 weeks time she will be jumping out of a plane with the Red Devils to raise much needed funds for the MS society.

Jenn is part of the local Barnsley group for people with MS and as she is the only fundraising officer of Barnsley she has set herself a task to raise money as due to recent cuts, funds are low and the MS Society rely on voluntary income to provide vital services to those affected by multiple sclerosis.

She said that MS attacks the central nervous system, preventing her from being able to do more exerting physical activities.
“There’s so many people doing sponsored walks, cycling and water sports but I can’t physically do that so I thought I would jump out of a plane,” she said.
“It should be relatively easy for me as it won’t have any physical impact.”

Jenn was diagnosed with MS over five years ago. She said it was most commonly diagnosed in women as a young adult and gets progressively worse.
“The most debilitating part for me is fatigue. It’s something people can’t see so they don’t necessarily understand it or see the impact it can have every day.”

She will be doing the parachute jump from an airfield in Nottingham at the end of August. “I’m really nervous about the jump but also looking forward to it at the same time. I’m sure it will be a great day.”

The event will be sponsored by Maria Calton Photography and will be donating 15% of any photo shoots taken between now and the end of August.

The Society are currently recruiting new members to join the “Getting to grips” course which the group run as a lot of the members are aged 35 and over but as MS also affects young adults, they would like to reach out to the younger sufferers. For more information on the group, you can go to the facebook page for the MS Society HERE

The Society is constantly striving to improve the lives of people with MS and their friends and family. However, they cannot do this without your help.

Click HERE to go to the page to donate. Anything you can give will make all the difference. PLEASE HELP AND DONATE!

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Baby Jacob

Meet baby Jacob. He’s 11 weeks old and he lives with his Mum, Jil, and Dad, Jason, in Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve known his Mum for over 10 years now as she is originally from Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Jil moved to New Zealand 5 years ago and is back for a visit to introduce Jacob to all her family and friends. While here she decided to take the opportunity to get some lovely photos of Jacob too.

Jil and Jacob arrived at my house on Monday afternoon for a mini shoot in the living room. I have to say Jacob seemed to be in quite a happy mood! As we laid Jacob down on the settee covered in a million blankets, he was gurgling to his mum as I snapped away.
There were only a few minor incidents – Jacob decided to do a number 1 on each and every blanket, missing my face by an inch -phew! I was just happy there was no number 2’s 😉

He was so good for the entire shoot and even fell asleep in time for some beautiful mother and baby shots!
We didn’t have too much time for photos as we realised Jacob was a bit peckish when he started snacking on the blankets!

Here’s a taste of what we got:-

I just had to put these up… Halfway through the shoot I asked Jil to give Jacob a kiss on his head. When I pointed out that it looked more like she was eating his head than kissing it, Jil just collapsed into a fit of giggles and so did I…

It was a really fun shoot 🙂

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Hello everyone;)

As this is my first EVER blog post, it’s going to be short and sweet I’m afraid.

I’ve decided to set up this blog as I’m sure you don’t get enough of me on Twitter or Facebook…lol

No, really I’m writing a blog to give you a “behind the scenes” look at Maria Calton Photography and to give you a photographers perspective on all things Wedding and all things Portrait, and all things ME!

I will tell you what I find “fabulous” (you will hear that word a lot) and what I find “disgraceful” (and this one too)….. once you get to know me you will realise that these words are my dramatic terms for “good” and “bad”.

And yes, I am dramatic…..that’s just me 😉

I will start by blogging about previous weddings/shoots as I’m still processing current weddings/shoots right now.

Let me know what you think, I value all opinions good and bad (or fabulous and disgraceful lol)

If you want to know any more about me, click on the about tab at the top of this page 😉

Thanks for visiting my blog 😉

Yes I do prefer to be BEHIND the camera 😉


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